High end entrepreneur, engineer and physicist, speaker, performances expert

She developed Business Affluent, an impacting company that empowers entrepreneurs to accelerate their vision deployment.

She dedicates her life to bringing the most value to those who truly desire the wealth they want, the life they want and choose to make a positive impact on the world. 

Physicist and Engineer, she conducts research on the theme of high performances and well being, which led her to interview successful achievers like

Pierre Durand, Olympic champion in the selection list to be Minister of Sports under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy

Valérie Marie, Pianist, Composer, Speaker, 14M views on internet

Gilles de Maistre, Mia and the white Lion movie maker, 6M entries

Her research has led her to understand that high performance is not the result of a gift, but the result of mastering the numbers and the measurable like a scientist researcher that help us predict the result we want.




EXCELLENCE - We can always do better

AUDACITY - The genius against fear

GOODWILL - We take care of human and earth

LEGACY - Always act for the earth, humanity and kids

ELEGANCE - High standard is an art of living


Business Affluent changes 1 billion human lives before 2024 by supporting the bigger heart connected influencers in their mission



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Your MBA :

Support you to MASTER your numbers

Transcend your personality to BECOME who you need to be to attract what you want to attract

Deploy the strategy to ACCELERATE your vision



BECAUSE we developed an unconventional scientific approach that increases exponentially your impact and your greatness in a few months

BECAUSE we guarantee that you will increase your effectiveness by mastering your numbers and measuring your growth to success

BECAUSE we exist to be a guide for those who want to pursue excellence



Lucie Paimblanc - Ecology Preservation Influencer

Doubled her income in a month to realize her dream of restoring health to the Earth

Raphaël Certain - Business Coach

Deployed his business strategy by connecting deeply strengths, mission, vision and plan to help entrepreneurs living their own transformation

Valérie Marie - Pianist, Composer, Speaker

Deployed her strategy to manage dozens of talks, medias, shows and compositions to thrill humanity's emotions

Eva Beltant - Eyes Health Saver

Multiplied by 6 her business profitability to save time for her children


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EVA BELTANT - Eyes health expert France

I exceeded my financial goal. I am totally satisfied. I had a lot of fears and struggles and I surpassed myself. I reviewed all my strategy. Now I feel proud and happy. I am efficient in my time management and I have more time for my family. Compared to before, in half time work, I triple my results. I encourage you to do this. Go do it now!

VALERIE MARIE - Pianist, composer, speaker France

Véronique is an outstanding coach. She has an innate sense of analysis, a spirit focused on action and commitment. She will work among the greatest

I had a video buzz one year ago and companies asked me to become a speaker. It became a new activity in addition to be pianist and composer. It was difficult. When I woke up I wanted to play piano, but I had projects to prepare, contracts, quotations, and choices to do. I was afraid to become a full time speaker and forget my pianist life. The program is essential for artists and entrepreneurs to drive the person and make choices. This helped me to manage my emotional lift. It gave me confidence into the future. I am the captain of the boat and as in a plane I had a copilot. This helped me to perform.

THIERRY MENARD - Personal development coach France

I was someone not open, not turned towards others and especially not ready to change myself. Now I have started this change and everything is accelerating at all levels. I went in this program for the group effect that was important to me, as well as a boost effect to make sure I did not stop my entrepreneurial transformation. I was able to drive for the first time an entrepreneur event thanks to this program. I have more confidence in the relationship with others. I experienced this program as an initiatory journey.

VALERIE BRIERE - Event organizer, speaker agent France

It is moving fast! I feel like a bulldozer. I push everything in front of me. Veronique is challenging. Thank you for relighting me. I have been invited on the radio to speak about love, a childhood dream. It is crazy, I have chills! To all the people who ask themselves the question to invest, there is no hesitation to have, because coaching is the first step towards success. Veronique is able to understand the struggles and has a very soft, very empathic approach.

LUCIE PAIMBLANC - Blogger and journalist France

I was a bit headed, I did not know what to do professionally, I had too many ideas in mind, in one week I signed 3 contracts, I joined a working group and worked on the videos for a customer, so that's exactly what we wanted to achieve !! Thank you Veronique for all your contributions! I experienced a lightning evolution during the program. I learned to build the futur with steps. This program has been a real chance in my life as an entrepreneur. I wish everyone the courage to offer this gift.


Have your read this?


LE CHEMIN DE L'EXCELLENCE (WAY OF EXCELLENCE) is her first book. She shares the mental affirmations and mental exercices she used to make her transformation. She shares her incredible personal experiences after releasing her inner power.


L'ART D'AGIR (ART OF ACTION) has been written by Véronique Redon to share the process used in the program. She explains step by step how to achieve any goal, as to move from shy physician engineer to actress and speaker, from a rigid body to yoga teacher, from an employee to a first stage entrepreneur, from introvert to traveler and interviewer journalist, from a person who hated writing to a writer.




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